Pure Incense was borne out of my desire to bring really Beautiful, Sacred Fragrances from India to South Africa.

I have sourced High Quality Incense and Natural Perfumes, made by families that produce them as an offering to the Divine.

The Incense Range is varied in Fragrant Moods - a taste for everyone!

Crystal Essence is an Exquisite Body Fragrance - a blend of sacred oils, powders and resins that is sensually enticing, calming to the mind, and helpful in preparing for meditation or contemplation.

I invite you to try these Sacred Scents - they will surprise you with their freshness and beauty!

Cedarwood Dreams – Organic Incense Cones

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Hand Crafted with  Love in the  Baviaanskloof Mountains Рusing the Indigenous Cedarwood Bark,

Burning of Cedarwood is known for enhancing or getting in touch with individual spirituality.

The medicinal properties of Cedarwood are also well documented, including aiding respiratory and rheumatic...