Pure Incense invites you on a journey to travel to Sacred Places with the vehicle of Fragrance.

The incense that I experienced in ashramas and temples was so unique and different to the commercial, synthetic ones available in the West. I source from small families that make these special products mainly for temple use – I then present this to you in my funky packaging and promote it as Pure Incense – a Truly Sacred Scent.

The Aromas range from deep, intense Masala style (Divine Nature,Deep Forest) to Woody and Delicate (Cedarwood and Earth Fire).

As the ethos of the range eschews the use of synthetic and harmful ingredients, it has been recognized for it’s purity and wonderful variety of fragrances to suit various tastes and needs. Therefore, the range is considerably higher priced than the average incense that is harmful to the end user due to it’s over-use of synthetic compounds.

Pure Incense promotes Incenses and Natural Perfumes from reputable sources; known for their use of Aromatherapy Oils, Flower Petals and various Tree Resins.

Pure Incense – to Enhance your Yoga, Meditation and Prayer.
Try Some … You will be amazed … Truly.

Fragrant Regards