Cedarwood Dreams – Organic Incense Cones

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Hand Crafted with  Love in the  Baviaanskloof Mountains – using the Indigenous Cedarwood Bark,

Burning of Cedarwood is known for enhancing or getting in touch with individual spirituality.

The medicinal properties of Cedarwood are also well documented, including aiding respiratory and rheumatic...

Divine Nature Incense

Meditate in a garden
of aromatic flowers and herbs,
deep in the forest of your dreams.
Drift into a place of peace with the
essence of sandalwood, neroli,
ylang ylang and rare oils.

This is Divine Nature –
pure incense to enhance your yoga,
meditation and prayer.


Incense History

History and uses of incense:

It is hard to tell what the incense was first used as but it is believed to have been used for religious purposes for the first time. With time people learned the use of other herbs, trees, plants and resins in the incense and that’s how incense saw its many facets of...

How do we make Pure Incense?

How do we make Pure Incense?
Fragrances are prepared from carefully selected oils of exotic flowers, dried flower petals, sandalwood and other tree powders and tree gums. Only the finest available materials are used for preparing Pure incense.

The method of preparation is similar to bread making....

How to recognize True Incense

How do you recognize good quality incense ? How can you tell what kind of incense you’ve bought?
Good quality incense is handrolled, thus often is uneven on the stick. Most are rolled onto splinters of bamboo or other thin reed-like sticks. The incense itself will be grainy and slightly oily to t...

What is Real Incense?

Natural resins, gums and herbs have been burned as incense since ancient times for its spiritual, medicinal/healing, fragrancing and odor-masking properties.

Today, “incense” is available in a wide array of forms using both natural and synthetic ingredients. The most commonly available types of i...


Because incense sticks release a lot of smoke, you will need to burn your stick in a well-ventilated room.