Incense History

History and uses of incense:

It is hard to tell what the incense was first used as but it is believed to have been used for religious purposes for the first time. With time people learned the use of other herbs, trees, plants and resins in the incense and that’s how incense saw its many facets of use. As the time passed, people also discovered the medicinal importance of some herbs and in came herbalists who discovered the mdecinal use of incense. They found that by combining certain herbs the fragrant scent entered the nose and pores of the body and then traveled to the parts of the body that needed the help.

With herbs such as sage and lavender and other flowers, berries and plants the effects of these on the body were amazing. Herbal incense is blended primarily for effect. Scent is the secondary consideration in many cases, but in all cases, the scent is designed for the burn. Many natural incense ingredients have almost no aroma until they are heated. Notably, Aloes wood as well as many other resins have little or no aroma until they are smoldered over the incense fire.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.), is believed to be the first person to establish and set down a scientific system of medicine. In this system, the use of aromas through incense is said to play a significant role. Legend says Hippocrates freed Athens from the plague by burning aromatic plants through out the city.